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Christmas 2023

Christmas Bakewell Tart

Homemade matured luxury mincemeat topped with almond sponge frangipane and flaked almonds in our signature sweet pastry case


Mocha Tiramisu Tart

Chocolate truffle filling topped with coffee mascarpone cream and a dusting of cocoa in our signature sweet pastry case

Festive Treacle Tart

Sweetly spiced treacle filling  laced with brandy soaked fruit decorated with Christmas pastry stars 


Spiced Mince Pie Tart

Homemade matured luxury mincemeat spiced vegan sponge, decorated with sugar stars

Cinnamon Viennese Mince Pies

Homemade luxury mincemeat in a pastry case with a buttery, cinnamon biscuit topping

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Snowy Meringue Mince Pies

Homemade luxury mincemeat in a pastry case topped with toasted snowy meringue  

Baked Gingerbread Cheesecake

Lightly spiced creamy baked cheesecake studded with glacé ginger, decorated with mini gingerbread men


Chocolate Orange Shortbread

Buttery chocolate shortbread topped with a set orange curd and spun with chocolate


Pear, Walnut & Stilton Quiche

Our creamy quiche filling with juicy pears, crunchy toasted walnuts and tangy blue Stilton cheese

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Quiche

Our creamy quiche filling with luxury smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill


Luxury Iced Christmas Cake

Homemade Christmas cake with a soft Icing and marzipan  and a Christmas Tree decoration

Luxury Jeweled Christmas Cake

Jeweled fruits & nuts topping our homemade brandy fruit cake 


Luxury Christmas Pudding

Our boozy steamed Christmas pudding comes in a reusable microwave safe bowl. Ready to eat in just minutes of heating. Wrapped in sustainable calico cloth and Christmas ribbon

Gingerbread Snowman Biscuit

3 tier gingerbread biscuit with icing and cute snowman design

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